oval, round or square

It's simple, $7.99 for an oval PI pizza, $10.49 for a 12 inch round pizza, or $6.50 for the square Roman style Pizza Taglio. Choose one of our hand crafted recipes, or create your own. With so many toppings to choose, the possibilities are infinitive, kind of like Pi.

Vegan Friendly

Pi Craft proudly serves vegan options including vegan cheese, vegan sauce choices including Tomato, BBQ, and Garlic & Oil. Anyone on a Vegan Diet can enjoy a delicious Pi Craft Pizza without having to sacrifice flavor, variety, and quality.


We have taken extra measures to try to minimize cross-contamination in the preparation of our gluten free pizzas. We have recently added a Gluten free area for our toppings and sauces. The pizza crusts are stored in sealed wrap, then cooked and served in their own cooking tray so that the pizza never comes in contact with the oven. The staff is trained to immediately change gloves when handling a gluten free pizza. We will not cut a Gluten free pizza or remove them from their protective tray to further reduce and chance of possible cross-contamination. Although we cannot guarantee 100% gluten free products, we have taken every step to eliminate any cross contamination.

Family Friendly

Kids 12 and under can enjoy a PI pizza with two toppings and a fountain drink for only $6.50. Every Sunday we offer KIDS FREE PIZZA for children 12 and under, 1 purchasing adult per child.